Lost, Found and Still Looking for, part III

I realised while moving house that this blog has not only been 5 years old now, it also had its 100th post last month. Going through my old posts I came across a set which I had written in succession back in Feb 2010. You can find them here and here. I had listed, off the top of my head, the things that I wanted and/or would be wanting from life. Of course, not all entries in that list were particularly realistic.

It’s been a while since then. Things have definitely looked up a lot for me in the last 3 years, and I thought that this would be the right time for me to revisit those lists and see how well I’ve been doing so far, and maybe crossing off a few things off it.

So, without further ado 🙂


i want(in no specific order)-
1. manageable hair. – getting better at it.
2. to not ruin my ears irrespective of how much music i listen to. – not happening, at all.
3. more good books at the library. – well, I am sure that the BCL has a much better stock than back then, but i won’t be enjoying it again any time soon.
4. a tattoo. – I’ve rethought this one, actually, and am not particularly keen right now.
5. an irish accent. – sadly, no closer to this one than i was back then.
6. to be able to rhyme sentences with less difficulty.
7. to keep my weight below 70kg. –pursuing this with renewed vigour!
8. to grow slightly taller (an inch or so should do). – i THINK i managed this one.
9. to be able to attempt a question paper…all of it.Multivariate Stats, final sem of MSc.
10.to not make too many grammatical mistakes.
11.to ride inside Bumblebee. – another daydream.
12.to believe in something that cannot be explained.
13.to sing better. – since better is relative (to betterer), i’ll keep this one open too.
14.a job.HAH!
15.a swanky sports car, preferably a porsche 911 turbo. – give it another decade or so?
16.to be able to play the violin. – technically, i can. though it barely counts.
17.to attend my favourite bands’ gigs. – getting there 🙂
18.more kurtas.
19.a pair of blackberry trousers.
20.to hold hands with my imaginary friend. – daydream alert.
21.to be a kid in school once more. – well, this one’s more of wishful thinking.
22.to take long walks in the rain without catching a cold. – it’s sad that i don’t end up getting soaked in the rain as often as i would want.
23.fewer wars. (please?) – sadly, that doesn’t seem to be happening.
24.to spend more time with the people who mean the most to me. – i’ve done really bad on this count, i think.
25.to get locked up inside BCL one night. – let’s see. 🙂
26.to visit ireland, japan and germany (in that order of preference). – let’s see. 🙂
27.to not go bald later in life, preferably. – hahahaha. no idea about this one yet.
28.to be able to say meaningful things without sounding cliched. – urgh. i wish.
29.to be in a kickass band, someday. – will hopefully happen someday.
30.to sleep.

more would be coming as i think up of them…


as i was saying, in no particular order of preference, i want –
~ a dog – when i’m ready to commit myself to taking care of one.
~ a fender squierbought for a friend. didn’t keep it because i would rather have a gibson instead.
~ a dell studio. – vostro. studio been taken off the market mostly.
~ to never have to window shop for books.
~ be a chocolate magnate. considering the amount of nutella i’m consuming, they should at least make me brand ambassador.
~ a mont-blanc ink pen. – need to get this one soon.
~ to not flunk my exams or get a KT (that should actually have been at the top).happened much later down the line.
~ chocolates.
~ to be able to sleep late into mornings.
~ to be better at cricket. – hahaha. this one’s probably not happening.
~ to be a kid and have tetuler achaar while walking home from school. this one either.
~ the complete works of J.R.R Tolkien. – en route to this one.
~ to have enough cash to be able to buy F1 (no, i’m NOT talking about racing. those who are supposed to know what i’m alluding to, will know right away). – i’m gonna come back to this again, later.
~ clothes to dry sooner during monsoons. – *sigh*
~ to find time to go swimming on summer mornings. – not happening anytime soon. 🙁
~ more chocolates.YES!
~ to chat up some random pretty girl, just for the heck of it.
~ to walk along the beach at Pondy and feel the spray against my face. – soon. 🙂

this list is a bit more…mainstream, shall we say? heh.


Not bad so far. Maybe I should revisit this list another couple of years down the line. Hopefully my blog will still be around then. This list sums me up as I was back then. A lot of things have changed since then, and a lot, thankfully, has stayed the same 🙂



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