I don’t need perfect, for
perfect is a dead end which will never
start another story, another road.
i want where winding roads begin
and meet; with hot coffee and mittens,
dusks like a carpet across the sky, and
patchy moonlight for weary feet.

I don’t need smooth and shiny,
i want jagged edges which reflect glints of rainbows
and leave marks on the soul and spark fires
behind eyes; i want timeworn pebbles
which flow down fingers like water.
i don’t want a lay; a hummed lullaby would do,
carrying blissful sleep across the waves.

i don’t need happy endings, as long as
there is someone to share the journey with.
i don’t need a destination; aimless walks
with strangers under stars suit me just fine.
i don’t want perfect, for it isn’t a beginning.
i want to blaze bright and not know as
the dice roll; i’m lost, and i’d rather not be found.

Photo by the superb Aneel Neupane. Check out more of his work here



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