Over 9000!

zarakiA long time ago, I spearheaded an effort by the Mumbai Anime Club to create a for the fans, by the fans, anime/manga magazine. With contributors from across the country and a dedicated base of artists, writers, designers and editors, it for a time made ripples in the anime scene in India and led to more collaborations between the anime clubs in India.

While it ultimately did fizzle out – people got busy, schedules got hectic, it was glorious while it lasted. Here are all the issues we had released over the course of a year and a half…

Vol 1 Issue 1
Vol 1 Issue 2
Vol 1 Issue 3
Vol 1 Issue 4
Vol 1 Compilation.

Samurai, by Panickerz
Over 9000 Zaraki by Royzart



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