Bastion Cosplay | Shumatsucon

Skydrop is my favourite photographer to work with, and he shot my Bastion cosplay in the dying light during my blink and miss appearance at Shumatsucon. The cosplay needs to be rebuilt from the ground up, but I think when Skydrop and I do get back to shooting this again, we will end up with something even more awesome. Even so, I cannot but marvel at his ability to make an at-best pedestrian cosplay so, so good. ^^



Over 9000!

zarakiA long time ago, I spearheaded an effort by the Mumbai Anime Club to create a for the fans, by the fans, anime/manga magazine. With contributors from across the country and a dedicated base of artists, writers, designers and editors, it for a time made ripples in the anime scene in India and led to more collaborations between the anime clubs in India.

While it ultimately did fizzle out – people got busy, schedules got hectic, it was glorious while it lasted. Here are all the issues we had released over the course of a year and a half…

Vol 1 Issue 1
Vol 1 Issue 2
Vol 1 Issue 3
Vol 1 Issue 4
Vol 1 Compilation.

Samurai, by Panickerz
Over 9000 Zaraki by Royzart

Artwork at Leaping Windows

Leaping Windows is a cafe and comic book/manga library located in Versova, Mumbai. It is by far my favourite place in Mumbai, both for its food and for its library. A couple of years back, my friend Mrinal was commissioned to paint the top floor of the library with comic book art. He did a fine job of it, initially only with a marker pen, which he later painted over. Another of my friends, Ajitesh, also dropped by to sketch some cool Doctor Who art on one of the other walls.

Do check the place out if you are in Mumbai; it is literally one of a kind!