Jin’e Udo (RuroKen) cosplay photoshoot

I had initially decided against cosplaying for Japan Habba, with all the music and travelling happening around me. But in the end I couldn’t pass up on a RuroKen group cosplay. Borrowing bits and pieces from friends and building and winging the rest, I managed to put it all together barely in time.

Delhi based Manish Sinha, one of the really good photographers I know who does *not* have a photography page of his own, was kind enough to accompany me out at 3AM in the morning for an hour long photoshoot. I really, really love how the cosplay and the pics have turned out! ^_^

Thanks to Prateek, Tanya, Diechief and Vijay for helping me put it all together!

Mumbai Comic Con 2014

After the exhausting experience of BCC in September, I decided to take it easy for Mumbai. There were a few reasons for this. I was initially preparing for Pyramid Head, but a couple of last minute travel plans made it so that I wouldn’t be able to finish it in time. So I thought that for a change, cosplay or no cosplay, I would go around all 3 days taking photos.

So I told everyone I was not cosplaying; as far as I am concerned, throwing together stuff last moment like that barely qualified as cosplay for me. But it was fun to be able to technically be in costume while going around taking pics of other cosplayers too. More importantly, I didn’t have to worry about my costume(s) at all and could just relax and have fun. It’s a novel experience and something I look forward to again in the future.

Day 1: I cosplayed the 2nd Doctor, partly to give Ankur (cosplaying the 4th) some company, because we are two rare people more into classic who than nu-Who. Not to mention that because of Mark Gatiss’s presence, there were a lot of DW cosplayers that day.

Day 2: I reprised (partly on popular demand and also Vijay who were both cosplaying FF characters) my formals version of Vincent Valentine from FF7.

Day 3: I had initially wanted to cosplay the Talon from the court of owls, but running out of time, patience and being in general lazy, I settled to cosplay one of the owls themselves. This was the costliest costume of mine till date, and also barely a cosplay because everything was bought, from the mask to the full suit.

A shout out to some of the cosplayers you will see here:

Ankur Encore as the 4th Doctor on day 1
Just Matta Things as Piccolo on Day 1
Gaurilla as Freiza on Day 1 and Red (Transistor) on Day 3
Sadhana as Sephiroth on Day 1
Scythe’s SkunkWorks as the Monk on Day 1, Gabbar Singh on Day 2 and Gunslinger on day 3
Niraj as the Heavy from Team Fortress 2
Cosplayer RJ as Groot on Days 1 and 3 and Witch King of Angmar on Day 2
Vijay Sinha Cosplay as Gambit on Day 1 and Squall Leonhart on Day 2
Syrinx as Elesis from Elsword
Niha Novacaine as Domino on Day 1 and Ahri on Day 2
Diechief as the Sand Wraith (POP) on Day 2
Miya Cos as Black Cat
Ankit as Space Marine from Warhammer 40k
Colour Me Aorin as Elsa

Bangalore Comic Con 2014

BCC 2014 was incredibly hectic and incredibly fun at the same time. Exhaustion won out in the end, but having so many friends around (some of whom went on to win the cosplay competition), having our own stall (manned by superbly talented artists and occasionally me) and just going around saying hi (in costume and without) was a lot of fun. Nishant and I split camera duties for this. Pics near the beginning and end are by me, and all pics in the middle when I was in costume were by him.

Day 1: Cosplaying as Ginko from Mushishi, it was SO.MUCH.FUN to be asked by everyone and sundry whether i was carrying a real joint. I wasn’t. It was just a rolled up ciggy which I had at the end of the event, because YOLO.

Days 2 & 3: There aren’t too many day 3 pics; while a lot of people lauded the full costume Vincent Valentine, I wasn’t really happy about it. Not to mention that being in that thing and then waiting for over 2 hours to get on stage made the whole day grueling and not fun at all for me.

A shout out to some of the cosplayers at the event:

Prady as Robocop
Shreanca as Faith on day 2
Vijay Sinha Cosplay as Dante
Ankur Encore as the Nnoitra

PS – check out Varsha/Varun’s pics as Death and Dream; I think the siblings make for great Endless. Also check out stoner Jesus (yes, he was a Jesus cosplayer. It just felt right to lend him my joint :3)

Cool Japan Festival 2014


Don’t get me started; there is always so much to say about CJF that I end up falling short on words. This was my last CJF. It was amazing on one level and incredibly frustrating on another. At the end of it all I had promised myself never to participate in this particular event again.

This was the first time I really started on cosplay photography; there is a lot of experimentation at play here, both in the photos taken (any series of photos which involve me were taken by by friend Nikhil) but more in terms of the post processing; I got caught in the trap of overexposing the pics and making them too sharp and it was a habit which I would rid myself of only later in the year.