Hello Goodbye Bangalore

It is common knowledge that I love visiting this city by now. Since 2013, I have managed 3 trips to this city every year till now.

My pit stop before and after my Thailand trip was Bangalore, and I managed to squeeze out time to meet my favourite people, drink up and have doge time because I know not when I shall be back again here.

Pics are of my last night out at Vijay’s house, with my favourite people :’)


Sikkim – March 2014

I have always had a thing for the hills, travelling to different places in the Himalayas as a kid with my parents. Our yearly trip to the Himalayas was something I used to look forward to all year back then. When I decided that I would travel as much as I can all of 2014, it was only natural that a lot of those travel destinations would end up being in the Himalayas. Continue reading

Stranger Land – part II

Yellow green ochre brown
laying a silent trail
to the crown where
the air meets the sky.
The thunder and rainkiss
before the mirrorlake ripples
to the dreams of clouds
with a bit of coffee smoke
mixed up in it on the way down.

Later, as the sun sets over rainbow puddles
on patchwork cobblestones
the tiny boats huddle together
to trade stories of the day’s adventures
and other such mundane things,
And as the trinkets in shops go
softly out of focus at dusk,
we leave our reflections behind
in the lake and breathe deep
the memories wafting out as
graffiti and smoke and melody.
Hold in a bit of this stranger land forever.
This way, every tale from now on
will be of Adventure
and other such mundane things.

stranger land – part I

Patchwork cobblestone roads
colours and lights and prisms
of goldenhued footsteps
and smiles of deep blue skies
with a chance of rain.
Courts of pigeons in flight
from everyday mundane
leaving momentary fairytales
in their wake. Nobody notices but
Tunes from bylanes and smoke in
the rooms between songs flow even
as out of focus raindrops and
crystal hues peek through windows.
This city is a morningdew song.