life happens

update – my Toledo days are wrapping up. Once I’m back from India in August, I’ll be moving to Baltimore for my Ph.D. The midwest shall remain a little bit of home though, and I will keep coming back. (:

And There are no Words, part 1 of 4

This is a story told through letters. Written from the points of view of different people at different times, they tell parts of the same story. However, they will not fit neatly together as if pieces of a jigsaw. Like almost every story, this one will have a lot of rough edges and gaps. These might be construed as the signs of a lazy author or one who has not thought this through. Alternatively, you can just fill up the gaps with your own imagination ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you Rashi (aka Rashi-chan’s Art) for illustrating this. ^_^


This year I have headed back into familiar murky territory, prose. Never particularly good at it, I have nevertheless been trying to get out of my comfort zone and write stories in whichever way they can be expressed best.

One of my better ideas has been to work with different artists on my stories; this way, any deficiency in my writing can at least partially be smoothed over by their art. And there are no wordsย is one of those experiments.ย Each of the four parts will be illustrated by a different artist. As a start, I’m super glad to have finally been able to collaborate with Rashi. The remaining three parts are also in great hands, and working with them has already opened up new doors for me in the way I put down thoughts as words ๐Ÿ™‚

I will follow you into the dark (death cab for cutie) cover

The last song before I leave ๐Ÿ™‚
This song has meant different things at different times. But the memory I associate the most with it is recording a (terrible) version of it almost 3 years back, trying desperately to reach out to someone when words kept failing. Needless to say, it didn’t really work.

Since then, I have been trying to get this song out of my system, including a guitar version I did a year back that you can find here. This is it, though. This is the song I have been trying to sing :’)

Stranger Land – part II

Yellow green ochre brown
laying a silent trail
to the crown where
the air meets the sky.
The thunder and rainkiss
before the mirrorlake ripples
to the dreams of clouds
with a bit of coffee smoke
mixed up in it on the way down.

Later, as the sun sets over rainbow puddles
on patchwork cobblestones
the tiny boats huddle together
to trade stories of the day’s adventures
and other such mundane things,
And as the trinkets in shops go
softly out of focus at dusk,
we leave our reflections behind
in the lake and breathe deep
the memories wafting out as
graffiti and smoke and melody.
Hold in a bit of this stranger land forever.
This way, every tale from now on
will be of Adventure
and other such mundane things.

stranger land – part I

Patchwork cobblestone roads
colours and lights and prisms
of goldenhued footsteps
and smiles of deep blue skies
with a chance of rain.
Courts of pigeons in flight
from everyday mundane
leaving momentary fairytales
in their wake. Nobody notices but
Tunes from bylanes and smoke in
the rooms between songs flow even
as out of focus raindrops and
crystal hues peek through windows.
This city is a morningdew song.