Lost at Sea


Panickerz and I have had a lot of cool thinks in the pipeline at some point of time or the other, but sadly few have made it past concept art stage due to various circumstances. I really hope this one (in the works for almost a year now) does materialise. (:

[Bleach Fanfic] THE FINAL BATTLE

Back in 2006, I wrote a fanfic where Ichigo’s hollow form kills aizen, most of Soul Society is wiped out in the fallout and Rukia is Captain Commander, 10 years later. Then after Isshin’s backstory was releaved, I wrote this.
Goodbye, Bleach. You shall be missed.

The First Death

He awakens to screams in the distance; his eyes slowly focus on the world around him. Continue reading

you’ve been warned

because i’m just another me
looking for one momentary
fragment of a dream,
a story whose seams
are always frayed; words faded,
reactions at best jaded.

because i’m not a cool photo
or a cigarette
burning away unnoticed.
i’m a blaze
and i shall take you with me.
you’ve been warned.

Originally written March 28, 2012, trying to tell someone who was falling for me (and who I had fallen for already) that she might be making a mistake. Well, I guess at least she realised her mistake somewhere down the line.

HAT AND RIPPLE – A Discworld fanfic [Chapter 1]

Granny Weatherwax woke up not long before dawn. Putting aside the sign she had been holding in her hands which read in prominent if slightly crooked letters, ‘I ATEN’T DEAD’, she walked to the porch door and silently opened it, doing her best to not startle the owl sitting on the banister. The owl was out way past its bedtime, and the sky was already taking on colour. Granny was not surprised to see the half-dazed-half-sleepy bird though; she knew it would be there. She placed a bowl out with some birdseed and water, and then silently closed the door again. The bird would probably end up spending the day in one of the trees in her own garden, she mused. Continue reading

And There are no Words, part 1 of 4

This is a story told through letters. Written from the points of view of different people at different times, they tell parts of the same story. However, they will not fit neatly together as if pieces of a jigsaw. Like almost every story, this one will have a lot of rough edges and gaps. These might be construed as the signs of a lazy author or one who has not thought this through. Alternatively, you can just fill up the gaps with your own imagination 🙂

Thank you Rashi (aka Rashi-chan’s Art) for illustrating this. ^_^


This year I have headed back into familiar murky territory, prose. Never particularly good at it, I have nevertheless been trying to get out of my comfort zone and write stories in whichever way they can be expressed best.

One of my better ideas has been to work with different artists on my stories; this way, any deficiency in my writing can at least partially be smoothed over by their art. And there are no words is one of those experiments. Each of the four parts will be illustrated by a different artist. As a start, I’m super glad to have finally been able to collaborate with Rashi. The remaining three parts are also in great hands, and working with them has already opened up new doors for me in the way I put down thoughts as words 🙂