Bastion Cosplay | Shumatsucon

Skydrop is my favourite photographer to work with, and he shot my Bastion cosplay in the dying light during my blink and miss appearance at Shumatsucon. The cosplay needs to be rebuilt from the ground up, but I think when Skydrop and I do get back to shooting this again, we will end up with something even more awesome. Even so, I cannot but marvel at his ability to make an at-best pedestrian cosplay so, so good. ^^



HAT AND RIPPLE – A Discworld fanfic [Chapter 1]

Granny Weatherwax woke up not long before dawn. Putting aside the sign she had been holding in her hands which read in prominent if slightly crooked letters, ‘I ATEN’T DEAD’, she walked to the porch door and silently opened it, doing her best to not startle the owl sitting on the banister. The owl was out way past its bedtime, and the sky was already taking on colour. Granny was not surprised to see the half-dazed-half-sleepy bird though; she knew it would be there. She placed a bowl out with some birdseed and water, and then silently closed the door again. The bird would probably end up spending the day in one of the trees in her own garden, she mused. Continue reading

[DEAD LETTER SESSIONS] Untitled/Josh Woodward

Last song for the year!

I cannot believe things went by so fast. I cannot also believe that I managed to cover 17 songs this year. There were more I wanted to do, but stuff didn’t work out at times; hoarse voice, workload, disappearing collaborators – the usual stuff. Still, 17 songs in 12 months is pretty good given how the year has been for me.

Finishing it off with a relatively unknown song. I used to have this album on loop at one point (2010 or so).  Hearing it again now, it just made a lot more sense on so many more levels. There are at least 2-3 other songs I would have loved to cover from this album, but untitled clearly takes the cake. 🙂