Bastion Cosplay | Shumatsucon

Skydrop is my favourite photographer to work with, and he shot my Bastion cosplay in the dying light during my blink and miss appearance at Shumatsucon. The cosplay needs to be rebuilt from the ground up, but I think when Skydrop and I do get back to shooting this again, we will end up with something even more awesome. Even so, I cannot but marvel at his ability to make an at-best pedestrian cosplay so, so good. ^^



dim halo

11995518_10205668842178938_1567253153_nWIP from a 6 page comic my friend Adarsh and I have been working on. Don’t know when it would get completed or where it would see the light of day, but it is eerie seeing him bring my the images behind my words to life so beautifully.



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Artist friends of mine have drawn me/drawn for me before. Mrinal drew me a DP at one point playing the guitar. I’ve been sketched in cosplay by a couple of people (most notably by Vivek Nag), and Diechief had drawn a group pic of some of us a while back.

This, however, is my favourite. Drawn by Adarsh, this pretty much sums me up as a person :3