[DEAD LETTER SESSIONS] Upward Over the Mountain/Iron and Wine

This is actually the last Iron and Wine song I actually know how to play.
Also, first recording using my new Martin acoustic – doesn’t it sound gorgeous?

I deliberately kept it lo-fi, using the audio from my DSLR instead of the mic. If you have heard the original, you will know why. This version is based on one of his live performances, and is slightly different from the original thus.



I will follow you into the dark (death cab for cutie) cover

The last song before I leave 🙂
This song has meant different things at different times. But the memory I associate the most with it is recording a (terrible) version of it almost 3 years back, trying desperately to reach out to someone when words kept failing. Needless to say, it didn’t really work.

Since then, I have been trying to get this song out of my system, including a guitar version I did a year back that you can find here. This is it, though. This is the song I have been trying to sing :’)

Oporanho – Icons cover

Sudipto was here with Sandy last night and, struggling to stay awake, we managed to belt out this cover sans any practice runs. In case you do not know Sudipto, he’s the vocalist of the Kolkata based Buddha Therapy, and easily one of the most talented musicians working in rock in India at this point.

Pretty badass, everything considered. Over the last year or so I have come to realise that the first take is almost always the best. 😀

From Raagas to Rock – The Segued Sessions

Sujato, Gourab and I met up a couple of days before Sujato was due to leave the city to make some music one last time. Sujato’s friends Rituparna and Aurindam was also there to lend us their camera and vocal skills.
In terms of instrumentation, Gourab was lacking his mandolin, but instead had his flute. There were two electric guitars in the house and one acoustic to go with it. In short, enough to take down the house. I have exclusively played the electric in all the songs, and Sujato has played the acoustic in every other song where his vocal duties have allowed him some slack. Gourab has played the flute in the classical songs and an electric (he is NOT a guitarist btw, aka hear the man PLAY!) in everything else.
The songs that got documented are… (in chronological order)

The other songs which were also sung included Aankhon ke Saagar (Fuzon) and Aadat(Jal).
This session just showcases our diverse tastes in music, I suppose, and the way all three of us dislike stereotyping the music we listen to and play…